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Hypnosis peels back the layers of our conscious mind that we have been building up our whole lives. This makes way for our subconscious to take over.

By going directly to where behaviors are started, the subconsious, we can work on changing unwanted behaviors. That’s why hypnotherapy is so effective in making a long-lasting change and helping you live your best life. Be happy through stopping smoking, losing weight, overcoming phobias, gaining confidence and many, many more changes.

my method

Using 5 PATH (Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis®) Techniques I can go further than traditional suggestion therapy.

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I use 5 -PATH as my primary program because it is so effective at touching on all areas that may be stopping a person from being their best self. Each session in the program consists of 3 parts; the Phase or program piece, direct suggestion for your specific change desires, and 7th Path self-hypnosis.

I like to think of these as

•Part 1: What you need

•Part 2: What you want

•Part 3: Re-establishing your connection with your inner guidance system.

As the hypnotist, I will take you through the following phases, each improving the success of the subsequent phase. Each one is like peeling off layers of an onion, returning you to your normal state of inner peace, trust, and connection with your inner guidance system.

Phase 1 - High Road Low Road
  1. I get you to a deeply relaxed state.
  2. I take you to a cross road in your mind. From this place, I show you what your life would look like continuing along the path you are currently on and then what it will look like as a result of making the changes you want. This gives you and your subconscious mind a direction. It also shows you what it means to by hypnotized and helps you to become comfortable with the process.
  3. I then use Direct Suggestions based on your goals. These will change at each session and are specific to your needs and wants.
  4. I will then use self-hypnosis recognitions which are phrases you will meditate on to help reprogram any past misconceptions, changing your perspectives in a healthy and self-loving way.
  5. I will make additional suggestions during the emerging process to help solidify your new direction.
Phase 2 - Age Regression or Inner-Child Work

Every problem that you are working on, has an origin, a beginning. The use of Age Regression Work is probably the most powerful tool available to a properly-trained hypnotist. It is an essential part of 5-PATH. In addition to uncovering information from the past that might have become unavailable to the conscious mind, regression allows the hypnotist to “undo” the effects of the incident or incidents that have formed the problem. It is so important, that much of what was done in Phase I, was done so that we can have a successful Age Regression Session nearly every time.

It would go like this:

  1. Relax
  2. Use a technique that allows your subconscious mind to bring up memories, feeling, or events from the past that tie directly into the presenting issue.
  3. Find ISE (initial sensitizing event).
  4. Use Informed Child Technique. Here you actually go back, not changing the event, to help that younger you to deal, in a more healthy way, with your “now” knowledge and perspective.
  5. Use Informed Adult Technique. Here you see the event(s) in a changed and altered perspective, allowing you to process those events in a new, healthier way.
  6. Use direct suggestion.
  7. 7th-Path Self-hypnosis ties into the program (phase) portion, really embedding these positive changes into your subconscious mind, helping you to connect with the real you.
  8. Emerge, using suggestions for success.

After you have accomplished Age Regression and Informed Child, the subconscious mind has been forced into a state of reorganization. Prior to this, the subconscious mind may have been resistant to suggestion, but now it is in a state of heightened suggestibility beyond what can be accomplished where Direct Suggestion techniques alone could accomplish.

Age Regression has now increased our probability of success even further because it has probably uncovered new information and provided additional insight, that both you and I can use, as we continue into Phase III. 

Phase 3 - Forgiveness of Others

The Age Regression session (Phase 2) helps set up the success of this 3rd phase. We now both have a much better understanding of the history of the problem/issue. And, most importantly to this phase, we know who the players are. We know about the people in your life that have been a part of the problem. In addition to gaining insight, and perhaps having been desensitized, the problem can be further healed by using forgiveness techniques. This provides for a reduction in emotion regarding the problem and a more complete releasing of the past, including the problem/issue.

It would go like this:

  1. Relax
  2. In this phase we allow your subconscious mind to bring up anyone in your past that is a contributor to the issue we are working on. e., abuser, parent, etc.
  3. The situation is made so that you will be completely safe in expressing your feelings (i.e., the offender cannot get out of a chair, etc.).

This is much more effective than talk therapy and you will work through this process coming out on the other side feeling like a weight has been lifted. This is again a process of changing perspective.  This is done in a very choreographed way to assure success.  It’s about extending the type of forgiveness that sets you free. It’s not about forgetting or letting anyone off the hook for their transgressions. This process is strictly for your benefit alone. It’s to assist you in letting go of anything in this area that is holding you back from living your best life.

  1. Direct Suggestion portion of the session is next.
  2. 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis completes the session.

This phase again set us up for increased success in the following phase.

Phase 4 - Self-Forgiveness

Most of my clients report that this phase of forgiving themselves was the most important. I often wish that I could just go here first. But I believe that this phase is so successful because of the work done in the preceding phases.

It goes like this:

  1. Relax.
  2. Set up for “Chair Work” similar to phase 3 in which you will work through the process of forgiving yourself. We all tend to beat ourselves up and learning to extend grace and forgiveness to ourselves like we would others is extremely important in being able to move forward into your best life.
  3. Then additional Direct Suggestion techniques are used, regarding the problem/issue.
  4. 7th-Path Hypnosis

This is usually a tremendous experience for my clients. By this time in the hypnosis, the problem has been completely resolved/healed. The work is usually done at this point and no further work is required. However, sometimes more work may be needed because of a special circumstance.  If this is the case, an extra session will be added at this point. *

Phase 5 - Jet Fuel for your Journey

This is usually the final phase.  This is where you see your life as you are now creating it.  This is a very visual segment on what your life will look like as you see it with your newfound freedom, control, and tools.

  1. Relax.
  2. High Road only – Focusing on your life and the outcome based on your changes.
  3. Direct Suggestion portion of the session is next, utilizing a life-empowerment script.
  4. Life in between Lives. In this portion of the session, I actually give you the chance to talk to your higher-self before coming into this life. It sounds a little woo woo but is very effective. From this vantage point, you can gain valuable information on your journey, and gain strength in knowing you are right where you are meant to be. This is a very powerful session and you will leave feeling right on track, empowered and supported.
  5. 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis
    *Parts Mediation Work

    The vast majority of clients do not need this Phase of the work. It is here for a special case. This is the sticky case of the client that will not heal or completely respond to hypnosis. This is usually because the client is still benefiting in some way from the issue (secondary gain). It must be kept in mind that even some of the most painful problems can have benefits giving the client a part of themselves that is conflicted with making the change. In Parts Mediation Work, we utilize the concepts of mediation, where we work toward building agreements between the parts of the self which are in conflict. We uncover issues and focus on a win-win situation. These new agreements include doing more beneficial or healthy behaviors in the future. An example of this is to convince your part that wants to continue to smoke for the social aspect if they smoke with a friend or group that they can still attain this social connection without smoking.

    The process would go like this

    1. Relax.
    2. Establish the hypnotist as the mediator.
    3. Bring up the subject of the conflict (the problem/issue that has not been completely resolved).
    4. Suggest that more communication may be in order.
    5. Suggest that there is a part of her that is aware of a benefit of continuing to have the problem.
    6. Find out why the problem is useful.
    7. Name the part, such as The-Still-Wanting-To-Smoke Part.
    8. Have the Self discuss the benefits of making the change.
    9. Uncover and discuss alternative behaviors that will provide the same benefits as the problem behavior.
    10. Discuss other the benefits of changing to the new behavior.
    11. Have both sides come to a win-win agreement where both sides have their needs met.
    12. Do any forgiveness work that needs to be done between the two sides.
    13. Merge the two side back together as one.
    14. Do Direct Suggestion techniques for change.

    As usual, the process ends with appropriate suggestions for change. Here we have uncovered the cause of the inability of the client to come to full-resolution of the problem. And, we have provided an alternative, but need fulfilling alternative behavior. This is set up as an agreement between the parts. If there is any reluctance between the parts in this intra-psychic mediation, then a trial period can be agreed upon, where a next session can be set up to evaluate the success of the agreement and make any further changes that may be need to encourage ongoing success.

      This had been a quick overview of 5-PATH, a systematic approach to doing hypnosis, which is almost universally effective in the problems that my clients face. It can be modified to suit you, your needs and your goals.

      If you have further questions about this process please contact me.




      Recovery rate after 600 sessions.



      Recovery rate after 6 sessions.


      Behavioral Therapy

      Recovery rate after 22 sessions.



      Recovery rate after 600 sessions.


      Behavioral Therapy

      Recovery rate after 22 sessions.



      Recovery rate after 6 sessions.

      Results of a comparative study by American Health Magazine | February 2007

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      Post-Tramatic Stress





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